Some years ago, I received a prophetic word about writing for the glory of God. I wrestled with it thereafter and had difficulty coming to full acceptance with it. Until that time, I had no interest in writing and never could have imagined I will ever write. Grammar was something I really struggled through my school days. The thought of writing was too difficult for me to embrace. Interestingly, that prophetic word had somehow finds its way to my heart over the recent years. I started out by first journaling my reflection and sharing testimonies of God’s goodness in my life with friends on Facebook. Then came mid 2016, I had the growing desire to write and reach out to those outside my familiar context and social circle. I started to share publicly on my page known as Glory Fireplace. I realized that I have both the keenness to write and to comfort others. Today I am taking small steps to write; not to promote myself but God and what’s on His heart. This is a learning curve for me and I’m excited about what God is doing in and through me.

Pure Glory Ignite is henceforth created as a platform to bring prophetic encouragement to you. To see people’s hearts burn with fresh passion and fire for the Lord is my one constant desire. This blog is one way for me to reach out to you; to spur and ignite your first love and faith. Like you, I am just one in the making of the Master’s hands – contending to see His pure Glory manifesting over our lives and nations. I believe it is imperative for us to be a generation that is pure; who seeks God passionately and walks with Him closely. Out of that overflow, we can be carriers of His pure Glory no matter where we go and what we do.

With His love,
Glory Tang

Note: Glory Fireplace has a new name starting March 2017 but with the same purpose and writer (that’s me!). It is now known as Pure Glory Ignite.