There are seasons in my life when it is a directive from the Lord for me to rest. It usually happens when I am not expecting it or even think that I would have need of it. But you know what? I begin to realize that it is good to take heed than to resist it; even if I don’t feel like I need it at that moment. Whenever I looked back at those restful seasons, I do recognize the wisdom and the timing of the Lord for it. I could appreciate that they were actually for my good than an interruption as it might seem at first. So this one thing I learn – It is good to listen to the Father who knows all things and have our welfare at heart. He knows the end from the beginning. I have seen people struggled with the idea of rest times and times again. It is as if it is a sinful thing to do and an unproductive agenda on the list. True rest is not an invitation for us to go lazy and be careless about our living. Instead, it is an invitation for us to reflect and to be rejuvenated and be strengthened.
This is the middle of the year and for some of us, it is clearly a critical time to seek the Lord’s face; to be totally refreshed and to re-calibrate for the challenging days ahead of us. A time to sharpen our vision and a time to listen carefully to God’s heart. We have to remember that it is important not only to begin well at the start of the year but to end this year well too. Honestly, how have we been doing so far?
I have taken steps in fact, to rest although I may not necessarily feel a need for it. I do not have to know everything before I obey the leading of the Spirit. There is strength in REST. We are so afraid at times of cutting back on our work and ministry that we hesitate to rest. Not everyone will hear this, but if you do hear or even feel a gentle nudge in your heart for it – Wouldn’t you trust God to take that timely break? Choose to rest in His presence. Choose to slow down in your pace of daily routine. You can benefit more from it and go farther than you thought you would do so in your own strength. Cease from the striving, and take time to rest.
It is alright to say to yourself and to others – I need a break now. I need my resting time. 

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