Will you choose to Worship Me?

Pure Glory Ignite (13)

As a young believer, I enjoyed singing praises like the way I would with secular songs. I just like to sing. One Sunday morning, I was singing enthusiastically during worship time in Church when suddenly I heard the Lord “interrupting” me (I know that sounds funny) and He spoke to me, asking – “Will you still worship Me if no one else does?” Instinctively I said, “Yes”. That caught my attention seriously. I searched my own heart after I had said “yes”, and I was glad that my answer remained the same. I will worship the Lord even when no one else will – and that was my sincere answer. That experience stayed with me for many years. It becomes like a reality check for me very often.

Some years ago, I was staying in the Philippines with some Christians. We encountered some strong typhoons and we were stuck in the house for many days. We couldn’t do anything, and I decided to spend most time worshipping the Lord in an empty room by myself. That got one particular Christian very jealous over it and  she was mocking at me for that. I was not offended by those unkind words, and I continued to pursue the Lord the way I know how in that situation. I was strengthened in my time with Him and that helped me through those difficult days. The violent winds were blowing and hitting relentlessly at our house, and there was not much food left as well. We felt helpless and pretty frustrated with several ministry plans and appointments already cancelled. I realized then, that God could just change our plans and had us to spend time with Him instead. I was ready for that and I was blessed in choosing to worship Him when no one else would.

Somehow I was reminded of this incident today, and I would like to encourage you to choose God first. Make that choice to worship the Lord and spend time with Him like the way Mary did lavishly (Luke 10:38-42). Even if people around you may not agree with your choice, and consider it as weird – choose to stand on that and choose to worship. There are many times in my life when I choose to worship when it seems inconvenient, difficult and even awkward. Yet nothing negative can result from that besides people’s criticism or gossips. Your choice for the Lord is simply precious and the intimacy you build with Him cannot be exchanged for anything closer to its worth.

The act of shutting out from your “little world” is honestly difficult at times.

To shut in with the Lord so you can experience the realms of Heaven is priceless, nonetheless.

To shut in with Him – you got to first shut out from your world. It can be the normal routine of your life; your busyness, the people you normally would spend time with, or certain activities like favorite TV programs or sports. The Lord may just bring you to that point of decision and you will have to make a stand. He is not stealing your joy or trying to disrupt your life. He is just rearranging some priorities so that you can cultivate a deeper relationship with Him. He is all interested in you! There is a joy that will far outweigh the little “sacrifices” you forgo momentarily. Make room for the Lord in your life. Make more room as the call to intimacy hastens for you to draw near. Are you willing?

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