Here am I, send me!

Pure Glory Ignite (7)

You will be given the option one day. When He asks, will you say “Yes”? “Here am I, send me Lord.”
Many years ago, I walked into a room and prayed alone. I didn’t know that it was going to change my course that day. I was heading in one direction in life, but the Lord redirected me in another by the time I was done talking to Him.

It was one of those intense moments as I sought the face of God. Suddenly, in the midst of my loud prayers and cries, I uttered these words that shocked myself – “God, send me! Here am I, send me. Use me!” (not in sequence; but these were the heartfelt words of my total surrender and abandonment to the Lord Jesus) I meant those words that I said, although I wasn’t preparing for that. Months later, I did volunteer my time to serve the Lord in a foreign land.

Today, after decades of that unique encounter, I reached into my heart and I still see that same desire and prayer – Yes, I will go where He wants me to go and do what He wants me to do. I can declare that over and over again because of the deep work of His grace and love. It is His kindness that draws me to Himself. It causes me to go deeper in my walk with the Lord. It causes me to lean closely on His bosom and hear what is in His heartbeat.

God’s pure love will bring you to the place of yielded-ness. We all need to come to that place of surrender. It is our way of worship and our expression of love. The One desire of my heart is Him. Religiosity cannot do that with me. Pure love can. I am most satisfied and free in the hands of my Lord!

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