Hear the Holy Spirit out!

Come Holy Spirit

Hear the Holy Spirit out!” – These words echoed through the night when I was sleeping. In fact, I felt wakeful most times yesterday, and was thinking about the source of these words.

Then there was a part 2 to this – The Holy Spirit wants to take centered stage. It was as if the personified Holy Spirit is now physically standing at the center of a stage. My thoughts hence, was revolving around the ministry and activities of the Holy Spirit as recorded in the Book of Acts. The Holy Spirit was breaking out then in signs, wonders and miracles. His power was clearly evident in the apostles and church. The fear of the Lord was stirred up in the hearts of both the believers and unbelievers.

At this point of writing, I am still trying to understand the implication of this whole thing and its message. I feel that the core of it is the Holy Spirit wants to take centered stage and there is going to be an incremental manifestation of His power and presence in the days ahead (greater than we have experienced before). It is not that the Holy Spirit is anytime passive, but there is something about the hunger of men that will cause the stirring of the gifts of God and His tangible presence to manifest in greater measure.

I am reminded through this – The Holy Spirit wants the rightful place in our church, our lives, our culture, our nations and in all humanity. We must remember that He cannot be contained and He cannot be mocked. We cannot order Him around and get Him to do our bidding. He does! We got to hear the Holy Spirit out, period. Give Him that dominance and authority. He will always has the first and the last word. Amen?

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