Christmas is about His Love


The first Christmas began at God’s initiative; it started in His heart and wrapped up as a Gift to us in human flesh. It has taught us to celebrate Christmas now first in our heart, wrapped up and to be given away.

Christmas is about His love. Christmas is never possible and ever meaningful without Jesus. Christmas is meant for everyone… “Joy to the world, the Lord has come!”

Each Christmas reminds us of His soon coming for the ones He first came for. He longs for us to know Him personally. That’s why He came and shown us what true love is. All the fullness of the Godhesd made known to us in human flesh. It was like light that broke through darkness. It was like the Word that broke through silence. The Word became flesh and dwell among us.

Our only rightful response is to come and adore Him, worship and love Him everyday. Give ourselves unreservedly to the One who first gave Himself to us (unconditionally)…

Our prayer:
“Thank You Lord, You are the most wonderful gift of God’s love to us. We worship You and adore You. We give ourselves to You today, to know and love You everyday, amen.”

Have a Blessed Christmas!

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