Letting Go and Let Him Take Over


Dear Beloveds,

Don’t be tempted to look back and pine after past glories, victories and miss out the best that is yet to come! Neither do we look back and moan over past disappointments and failures. The enemy would like us to look in that direction, but God wants us to look in His direction. He wants us to let go!

Letting go on our part is imperative to the grace of receiving all that God has in store for us in the new year. Holding on tightly and holding back from Him is not going to do us good. Letting go of every trauma, regrets, hurts, hatred, unforgiveness, sins, betrayal, failures, sickness and pain will allow the Lord to heal our heart and prepare us to step forth into the year with courage and fresh vision. We cannot put our feet in the past and stay stuck there, and yet try to walk firmly into the new. We will only be staggering around and probably stumble along the way.

Will you choose this day to cross over the shoreline of the past and step boldly into the seas of divine adventures? We have to first let go, then let go and still let go.

As the year 2016 is closing in, do hear from the Lord what you need to let go and release it all into His hands. Let it all go even if it hurts… so you CAN embrace fully all that He has in store for you in the new year.

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