Yes Lord, I Will


(Is this speaking to anyone today?)

Just because you are not ordained by men and institution does not mean you are not appointed by the Lord to speak or do what He has ordained for you to do. His purposes for you has not changed. He does not subject your appointment to the opinions of men or to the clergy. We got to avoid the temptation of needing men approval all the time.

Neither is this an excuse for the spirit of rebellion to manifest. The kingdom of God has no room for rebels and prideful. Instead, it is filled up with humble lives touched by the love of God and will not hold back their commitment to the One who receives and accepts them.

“Who will go for Me? ” the Lord asks. Isn’t it time to say, “Here am I, Lord. Yes, I will.” The recognition might not always come as quickly as you wanted so. The test you may undergo now will nonetheless prepares you as one who is fitted for the difficult task. Resoluteness to God’s will and a courageous heart are essentials to your assignments.

So take courage and know that you ARE NOT alone. You may well be the one of the many God is preparing today and undergoing the test of fiery trials. His plans for you are for good.

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