For Dads and Moms…


For Dads and Moms…

The Father has big plans for all; including your kids. He has placed unfathomable amazing dreams into each one of them.

Let’s take time to discover what God is saying over our children. Take time to pray His will into being. Pray His big plans into our children’s life. His plans might not be exactly the same as ours but trust Him to know what’s best. He loves them more than we do. We cannot always fix them, try as we may. But pray and make decrees of faith. Let Heavens hear your faith-filled prayers today.

The prayers of dads and moms are impactful to the destiny of their children. Therefore, let your unceasing prayers be a bedrock for miracles to break-out in this precious generation!

We can never pray enough for our kids, but START now and DON’T STOP.

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