Cheerful giver


Before we leave the house, my boy (less than 5 years old) handed to us everything in his sheep coin bank yesterday morning. We were surprised when he nonchalantly claimed that he was going to bring it to church as an offering to God. Our first reaction was that he didn’t know what he was doing. That was quite a lot for a small kid afterall. Moreover he has always been quite protective over his savings. We checked with him and on his intention again. He insisted he was giving it because he loves God.

I learnt a lesson at that moment. All I could see from a young child’s act was pure joy. It gave me a glimpse of what it meant to be a cheerful giver. There is no holding back!

That reminds me of the poor widow who gave all that she had to live on (Mark 12:43-44). It wasn’t an easy gift, I guess. What would move such a poor woman to do that? Was it to impress the rest in the temple? It was the smallest of coins in her days. It wasn’t that impressive afterall. One thing we know – It was all that she had. When will be her next meal? What was she going to live on after the offering? Yet she gave out of an unadulterated love for God. Could anyone imagine her joy here? She is definitely on my list of extreme cheerful givers to the Kingdom of God. She gave cheerfully and she gave her best! It is very impressive indeed.

Sure hope we would all bring such delight to the Father’s heart every week with our extravagant love gifts; our offerings and tithes. It will break any spirit of poverty and release financial breakthrough and freedom for us. God has so much more for us and He wants to bless us. It doesn’t take the rich to give. Anyone can give, you know.

It is probably time to make some adjustment and audits on our giving (our time, our talents, our devotions inclusive). We give because we simply love (Him).

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