Joy is the Sound of Heaven


Joy is the sound of Heaven… It is our sounds!

Where there is children, there will be laughters. One of the ways I get inspired is by watching my children grow. It doesn’t take long for me to be convinced that children have the capacity and determination to make their day the best as always! They want to be the happiest ever and they will do all that is possible for themslves to be happy. They have this amazing ability to smile or laugh even when they may be sick.

If you want to see or feel what true joy is, stay around children and you will get the best laugh out of your day! It seems like joy is set in the frame of their mind. Well, is joy securely framed in your inner being?

To me, joy is the sound of heaven. It is our sounds! And it is out of this world. Where the Church gathers, you’ll hear the joyful sounds. It is a sound that is not dependent on happenings; but an earth-breaking penetrating sound that breaks through prison doors and difficult circumstances. See how the prison doors and chains broke open for Paul and Silas when they sang in the dungeon (Acts 16:25-26). Joy filled the air and shook the earth’s foundation. Breakthrough came!

Today, let joy resounds in your heart again. Let the world around you know that joy is an abiding sound in your spirit. You can release that joyful sound into your circumstances. Get the tambourine, play the music, sing a new song, or even an old hymn, lift up your weary hands to the Lord today!

Let heavenly joy invade your heart again.

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